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Jewels by Park Lane is a wonderful company to work with.  I am very blessed to be able to offer you this fantastic jewelry.  I set my own hours and my own pay scale because I work when I want and for the goals that I set for myself.  I have a wonderful support network and am proud to be an Area Manager.

There are three ways to purchase our wonderful jewelry.

  1. Order Directly from my personal website by clicking on the this link.....   order now !
  2. Schedule your own fashion show and become eligible for hostess specials, free jewelry ....and tons of fun with your Friends, co-workers and family......   Contact me about booking my own Fashion Show
  3. Become a Fashion Director and make money while you earn free jewelry, host your own shows, and have the opportunity to win trips, designer outfits and much much more (best deal) ....

Contact me with more info about starting my own JBPL business !! 

Please contact me today for more info on the opportunity or to schedule your own Fashion Show / Party
Scarlett Green

Ask me about our 50% Fund Raisers !!!

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